Guitar setup, pickup change and other guitar tech stuff.

I get tons of interesting questions at clinic, mail and forums about guitar related stuff and among the most frequent ones are questions about guitar setup, guitar maintenance (especially about tremolos) and problems with either of those. So I decided to make a page here at my webpage about it to, hopefully, help people finding the answers easier and faster.
It is also a page for people who want to learn more about some of the stuff I talk about at my Ibanez and DiMarzio clinics, or just wants to see it again to help the memory.
I also see this page as a bit if  a service from me to my sponsors, since I am one of the few here in Scandinavia that are sponsored by DiMarzio (and probably one of the few in the world that are reasonably easy accessible), do I get tons of questions about this stuff. What to chose, wiring, how to change pickups and so on. And it is the same thing with Ibanez (even if there are loads of sponsored guys over here), what guitar to get, how to fix this or that, how to do setup, make the tremolo to stay in tune and stuff like that.

Some of these questions are very personal and needs a personal answers (keep the coming), but some are very similar and the answer always, basically, the same.  
So what you will find on this page are the common ones that can be answered in this format.
This is, for now, the same setup page as my old webpage, just pasted in here.
But I’m working on new ones and taking new photos for the ones already made, so look back for that soon if the ones you’re looking for isn’t here yet.

Please send me a mail if you have any ideas about what you want to see here.


.: How to setup/angle a Tremolo right :.
It will make all the difference in how well the guitar stays in tune.

.: How to fix a loose and wobbly trem-arm :.
This is all you need to know on how to get rid of that loose and annoying trem arm.

.: How to maintain your tremolo (the whole nine yards) :.
About how to make your tremolo last longer and stay in tune better.
Everything you need to do, you can skip all the other tremolo pages if you do this one.
Just follow this 46 step guide and your tremolo will be a happy thing.

.: How to get the tremolo of the guitar (without cutting the strings) :.
Very helpful when you are going to change pickups, file the tremolo knifes or just clean the guitar.

.: How to file the knifes of your tremolo :.
One of the main problems when your guitar won't stay in tune is the knifes on the tremolo. This is something that has to be done every now and then because the tremolo is something that gets worn out by long time use, but this will help it last a lot longer.
You can already find this information on this page.
How to maintain your tremolo (the whole nine yards)

.: How to get the action you want :.
About how to get the string high the way you want it.
And the pros and cons about low/high action, my favourite subject.

.: How to change your pickups :.
Just a quick show of how it is done and where all the cables goes.
I recommend that you take a look at both versions before you start.

VERSION 1 Guitar without pick-guard. (This one is a lot more detailed)
VERSION 2 Guitar with pick-guard.

.: How to make that little extra for your guitar :.
The small things that isn’t covered in the other subject about how to make that little extra for making your guitar play and sound better.