Welcome into the reason why this whole webpage exist, the music page.

I've had some bad experiences with files being removed by my server provider due to excessive downloads, so I will just link to my YouTube page for heavy files like video, sorry for that (thinking of that YouTube quality is pretty bad).
So for clinic videos (and other live videos) please look here.

I will be doing a new clinic tour at the last week of September and first week of November, so hopefully will the YouTube page be updated with new videos very soon. It will be posted on the news page.


Here will be some home studio recordings of some of my tunes in mp3 format.
All these tunes are pretty old by now, and don't really fell fresh and exciting to me, but I have to have something here, right?).
I will add some new songs pretty soon (are working in the studio right now).
Loads of songs are already recorded, even played live, but I will hopefully have the time to turn into an album instead of posting up songs one and one here, but we’ll see how it goes.
So look back for some fresh material here, or an album, soon.

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What Ever It Might Be.
Studio recording as mp3 (6,22mb)

This is the song that I had on the compilation album The Alchemists in 2002.
I want to post it here for some time just to get some feedback on it; it is a tune where I'm really happy with my playing.
It is Lale Larson on keyboard solo, all the rest that you can hear is me.

None Secret Hat Tower.
Studio recording as mp3 (5,10mb)

A fusion oriented tune that is a good picture of the way I play.
This is the kind of music that I spend most of my time doing.
Cool drums by Peter Wildoer again.
Amazing keyboard solo by the “Alien” Lale Larson (He is not from our world).

Why God, Why?
Studio recording as mp3 (2,71mb)

This is a song that I been playing at my clinics under the name "Sten Rymd-kuks bror" that
many people asked me to record.
Well, here it is under the little more mature name, "Why God, Why".
Meaning that why the hell did I do a song like this?
Hope you enjoy it; I tried to get some scary licks in there.

Poco Impetuoso.
Studio recording as mp3 (3,96mb)

A total lick fest, a lot more guitar then any song could ever need.
It has amazing drum playing by Peter Wildoer from Darkane.
All the rest is I making a lot of noise.

This is one of the songs that I play on my clinics for Ibanez guitars.

The Duskfall solos.
Studio recordings as mp3

1. The Light (336kB).
2. Age Of Error (512kB).
3. Agoraphobic solo 1 (852kB).
4. Agoraphobic solo 2 (388kB).
5. None (509kB).
6. Farewell Song (497kB).
7. Frailty (324kB).
8. Tune Of Slaughtered Hearts (367kB).
9. Deliverance (1.13mb).

These are the solos that I recorded for The Duskfalls album Frailty, in 2002.
It was a really stressed job when I got called in the last minute, so all these solos are done in one night. But some of them turned out really well (I think).
It was hard to come up with ideas, all the rhythm parts where already made and everything was in the same key (B minor).