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My name is Magnus Olsson. I live in Helsingborg in Sweden, a town with around 90.000 people in it (way to small).
I have played guitar for many years now. It is almost all I ever do, but I also fake my way with some keyboard and bass. I do make my living from playing music, so I guess that makes me a musician.
My other big passions in life are sport fishing, skiing and mounting biking.
I do every now and then spend a lot of time with that stuff,it is a good way to clear your head. But my absolute favourite way to spend a day is recording something in my studio. I spend way too much time with myself, in my studio recording music; and it doesn't really help my social life a lot. But I don’t really care that much.
I have played around 150-200 gigs a year for the last couple of years (still do), in all kind of weird situations. Most of the gigs of that "session/cover" type that I play these days are with 2 for U, a Duo with the fantastic singer Evelina Andersson.

My History.
I got interested in playing guitar after seeing my big brother playing bass in a punk band in my parent’s basement in my home town, Mörarp (a small village here in Sweden, maybe 2000 people living there).
It took me some years to save up the money for a guitar. I had to work evenings and weekends at a big chicken farm close to were I lived. (And still, I can’t do chicken picking).

The first guitar I got for my self was a red Ibanez Blazer strat copy. It was actually a good guitar but I did not know that at this time.
I didn't play a lot for many years after I got it because I had no idea of how to play.
I honestly think that I would be the winner of the "no talented" guys competition if there was one. I had my mind on girls, party and just doing things I shouldn’t do. But it was very cool having a shiny red guitar under my bed.
Then I got Stefan Rosqvist as my classmate when I started in high school. He was the guy that made me interested in actually trying to do some thing with my shiny red guitar.

He was the town’s local guitar hero at the time (still is, actually); playing in a band and having a home studio were he did amazing demos. Just hanging around him gave me the lust to learn to play my guitar. My guitar had been under my bed for many years, so I think that it was very angry with me. It did fight me a lot, it was just to hard to play. It had only been out from under the bed every time I needed to impress girls. (You see baby, you can be with a guy that has a shiny red guitar. So come on, take you’re clothes of now darling). My fingers were totally stupid but I don’t think that was my fault; it was the angry guitar putting a spell on me. So I just had to get a new one, and a different brand would help.

I actually started to practice, trying to do the stuff that Stefan did, but I was a slow learner and the progress was not good or satisfying in any way. So I started do get back into old habits of girls and other distracting things.
And my guitar was going back under the bed.

I did later share an apartment with Stefan and then I got the idea that it was his home studio that made him what he was, not the fact that he had talent and I didn’t. I just had to have that studio thing going and I would be on may way to the stars. So I did buy my self a 4-track Yamaha porta studio, a Roland R8 drum machine and an Alesis Micro verb. And yahoo, that was the kick I needed to make some real progress with my playing. Recording your own stuff and see ideas grow to songs was the most inspiring thing I had ever done. (Even better than the girl/sex thing).
It all sounded like shit but it got better and better, so it was easy to find the inspiration to work harder. So this was the time when my guitar never got thrown under my bed again.

I did start to play in my first band after some time and that was also very inspiring and made me want to practice even more. The band was called Classic Rose and my brother was with us on bass. We were drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals. We did some local gigs and it was great fun but I think it must have sounded like crap. We also went in to a studio to make a demo, but I don’t have it any more. (And I hope now one ells has it...)


I did get into guitar player music like Racer X, Steve Vai and all those players that were cool at this time. (Some of them are still cool). And that really made me to work on my technique and kind of made me loose track of music.
I was what you could call a total shred head. A long period of time were I was sidetracked in to thinking music was scales played up and down very fast. So it was many years that were wasted on stuff that I never could do anything with, except impressing other shred heads. What I mean is that I was playing a lot of stuff that I could never play over music with out sounding like shit. And it made me think that a lot of good music was shit when there was now one that was playing fast. And that is music I have to go back and find now. I think that I would have benefited from being more open minded under my shred period. But there were a lot of good things coming out of it, like … Hmmm!

I later did start to play in a rock band called The Outlaws that had a lot of gigs. And this is where I started to get live playing experience and I started to see that there were more to playing than just fast stuff. (I think I was a pretty tasteless player at this time.) I understood that I had to work on stuff like my note choice and most of all, work on my vibrato, the most important thing for any guitar player. I had played for years not even thinking about it at all. Stefan had a huge impact on me here because he had an amazing vibrato. And he always told me that my vibrato sucked. He is the only person ever that actually told me that my vibrato was bad. Thanks again Stefan, I Love You!
I was also spending a lot of time on my other love in life at this time, pike fishing and fly-fishing. Playing and fishing was basically all I ever did. I even had some work as a fishing guide for a Belgian company selling Pike fishing trips to Sweden. Taking them out and try to catch the big pikes in the Swedish lakes. I was working as a live sound engineer at my daytime job. Doing sounds on rock shows at all different kind of places. I started to get jobs as a guitar teacher also at this time, and I was playing a lot of gigs. But I was never really happy with my playing. I never found what I was looking for; I did need some guitar help.
Stefan had been at GIT in Los Angeles so I had thought about going there to get some help. I always felt like I had to be better then I was to get some thing out of going there. I did finally pack my bag in 96 and went over to try to improve on my playing. I know that one of my favourite players Brett Garsed were hanging around the school, maybe not as a teacher but he was there some where. So just the chance of taking lessons from Brett, was a reason big enough to go there. I had the extreme bad luck to get over there when the worst grunge guitar wave was flying over the world. And the content of that was that there was a lot of “not interested in guitar” unmotivated guys.
So the classes weren’t moving forward because not a lot of the people were doing their homework. There was a lot of people that were there for other reasons than guitar playing. The teachers were very good so that was not a problem; the problem was all the bad “I want to be Curt Cobain” guys there. And I don’t put Curt Cobain down. Anyway, I got my lessons with Brett and some other very cool guys like TJ Helmerich, Nick Nolan, Scott Henderson and many more. It was a good period of my life, even if I didn’t see that at the time.

I started to play in more cover bands to make money when I came home to Sweden again. I started a band with Stefan called Eddie’s after the nickname of the singer. We played around the town a lot, but we all have other things to do now so we don’t play a lot any more. The band is still around. I did buy a lot of equipment for my home studio in the USA and I was spending a lot of time recording stuff. Making demos that I never played for any one.
My daytime job was as a sound and light engineer at a theatre here in town doing A lot of theatre and dance shows. Going on tour with some shows. I did two child records at this time and I did music for a big film festival here in town. I also had a job as the guy responsible for the technique at two big culture festivals here my town. It is a festival where there are more than 30 bands, dance shows and stuff like that. It is equipment for more than 30 stages at the same time. And it is in the middle of the winter going on for a whole day. It was a lot of planning and I learned a lot out of it.

I got a job as an after ski musician in France the winter 98-99. (A Swedish thing where you have people coming in for a party at the end of a good skiing day, where we play some party music for an hour and people drink beer and dance). I did around a 100 gigs down there at a place called The Frog and Roastbeef in Val Thorens. And when I came home again did I played cover gigs over the summer here in Sweden. I then went back to France for five new months (and about 120 gigs) the winter 99-2000.

My plan was to go to Cyprus to play over the summer and I had a job booked there. But I took a bad fall out in the slopes and ripped all the ligaments in my left knee, broke my nose and hurt my left eye pretty bad (click on the picture and go strait to the gore section). So I came home to Sweden to late and I missed the trip to Cyprus. I had told the people at all the gigs I normally have, that I would be out of the country so I had no gigs at all over the summer.


Then a show band from another town called and asked if I would like to play with them. I’d never heard of them, but I had nothing else to do so I went out there to try. I got the job but I wasn’t sure I wanted it; they were not that good at all. But I did like the people in the band and they were on their way up (and how wrong I was). I decided to jump on it and give it a try to the winter 2001. The band was called Amabile but we soon change it to House Of Fun. I did played about 40-50 gigs with them. Then I left the band again in December for a new trip back to France (2001).
And I have done that every year now and I will go there again next season (2003).

I did play loads of gigs here in Sweden after the season 2001 with the same concept as the After Ski thing. But with many different singers, the best of them that I played the most with was Joakim Warneryd. He now sings in the excellent party band, Partymys.

My other interests in life are still sport fishing and mountain biking. I do spend a lot of time doing that. Hunting for the big ones togheter with Evelina and a good friend called Johan (The Shrimp) Jönsson. Have a look at the pictures side of this web page to see some of the big ones.

I did start to work with a new singer (Evelina Andersson) in France the season 2002 and it worked out so good that we have started a band here in Sweden called 2 for U (Two for You) and that is what I do right now.

A lot of other cool things have happened the last year but you can read all about that on other sides of this webpage.
Thanks for reading; it will be more here soon.

See ya for now…
Magnus Olsson