Welcome to a little look-around in my music room, the “Blue Room Studio”, or as my friends call it “the musicshop” because they think that it looks like a musicshop where someone in there has gone crazy on Ibanez.
It really isn’t fair to call it just a studio room; it is way more than that. In the spirit of modern trends like multitasking could we call it a multipurpose room since it is a studio were I record and write music, it is a workshop room for fixing guitars and soldering pickups, it is a storage room for guitars and music gear, a photo studio when needed, my computer room and bed place for two dogs.
Yeah, I would say that it is a bit crowded in here, but I love it like that. I love spending time in here and can sit in here for day’s just playing, writing or fixing photo related stuff.
This is without a doubt the place on earth where I spend most of my time.

Smashed up Les Paul hanging on my studio wall.


The first thing you will notice is that noting in the room is blue, so I guess you’re thinking “why on earth is he calling a room with noting even close to blue in it, the blue room studio, is he seriously colorblind or just mad?”.
But no, I’m not colorblind (and just a little bit mad) and there are reasons for this madness. My studio rooms have always been very blue, blue walls, blue tables, blue stoles, blue everything (I really like blue, sort of like the opposite to green, like smoke), and the name was self-evident. But a little while ago did I move to a new and bit bigger flat, and decide to go for a change on colors in my music room, try something new.
But I really like the name “Blue Room”, sort of like in the middle of an aquarium without being a fish, and it is also full of nice memories for me, so I kept it.
The walls are a horrible color right now, a memory left by the previous flat owner (now he must have been seriously colorblind), and will be repainted to warm chili red and a black fond wall where the guitars are hanging, as soon as I get the time (I have all the paint and stuff, but no time to do it, or maybe the truth is, can’t get my fingers out of my ass to do it because it is silly boring). 
Well, enough about that, remove your shoes and welcome in.


Here are two snapshots of how it looked in here a couple of month ago, I will update this with more and better pictures as soon as I get this page running.

Front side (computer side).
Computer sida

Backside (Guitars side).
Guitar side